Pacific Seashore Collection featuring rare Benitoite, the California State Gemstone

Summer's here! The sun is shining and it's time to head to the beach. School's out and the BBQ's have started. It's time to pair your sundress and sandals with a beautiful gemstone necklace that draws people in to start a conversation.

Our Pacific Seashore Collection is inspired by the sea creatures we see regularly here on the California Coast. From the intertidal species such as the red octopus and the sea star to the misty puffs of humpback whale's breath we see on the horizon, this collection is for them. 

Our Pacific Seashore Collection is set with spectacular Benitoite, the California state gemstone. It was discovered in San Benito County (for which it is named) in the early 1900's. The relatively small deposit in California has yielded only small gemstone quality crystals, but they are beautiful. Presenting in shades of blue to pink to colorless, Benitoite has a high dispersion -- reflecting flashes of color.

Once you get to know benitoite, you'll fall in love. Small but magnificent, it's a perfect addition to your fine jewelry collection. With its blue hues reminiscent of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, we like to think of it as the quintessential California Girl.